What TAC language Institute is all about

What TAC language Institute is all about

TAC is a school of communication started by Takahashi based on his experiences on site. TAC, by encouraging people to get across what they have in mind using the vocabulary they have available, has liberated people from fear of making mistakes or memorizing grammar.

How do people become confident so soon? They are encouraged to speak "Inter-language” not correct English for them to program syntax in their mind first of all. Then they began to demonstrate amazing progress, which made them significantly confident.

From "correct English " to " correct growth"

We do not use any fixed textbooks. Because textbooks do not enable you to enjoy expressing yourself freely as they teach only rules. We believe in each one's intuitive power for making a guess and let it work as you try to communicate what you have in mind instead of us imposing correct grammar.

The more you speak the Inter-language, incorrect English mobilizing your vocabulary, the more you can create your own communication skill in English in a short period of time.


Coaching Method

Support in facilitating style, aiming at sound growth rather than correct English, has been widely supported by busy business people. A feedback from a super-professional coach that this approach is of coaching prompted Takahashi to start COACHING business officially as a coach certified by Alexander in 1994. This may be the first application of coaching into education in Japan.

Currently we are not only in service of teaching languages in coaching style but also sharing this wisdom with professional teachers of languages and in wrokshop at large. This program, which has been revised so it can be relevant to the present Japanese context, is also available for business people.


Features unique to TAC

All the sessions offered at TAC have approaches in common, which have been developed through trials and errors so far.

  • No1As sessions are given in coaching style, students can actively take part in its process so ownership is naturally enhanced as they communicate eith inter-language.
  • No2We do not use any fixed textbook so students are encouraged to express themselves without being afraid of making errors in grammar. Then they can cover the grammar as they speak getting feedbacks from teachers naturally with minimized effort.Man and woman teachers teach in pair so you can learn balanced *Japanese avoiding expressions unique to woman.
  • No3Term and weekly syllabus or schedule is adjusted to students and their progress with flexibility.
  • No4Exchanging feedback mutually and periodically is our effort to make sessions as relevant to each student's need as possible.

All lessons are tailor-made

Not such English as teachers want to teach but English as students need to learn! That is why we put emphasis on workshop style as we can support each one's ownership even in a group sessions.

So we do not allow them to pretend as if they could get by as they go on. Then we encourage them to compare themselves with those three months ago or so instead of with someone else. This can make happen something really amazing and mysterious.


Potluck Party

Potluck parties are given periodically so students are exposed to real-life English spoken by people with different background. This potluck occasion really helps students be confident.