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This website is operated by the TAC Japanese Institute. Please be sure to read following: when you use this website, it is assumed that you will follow the agreement below. If you do not consent to the agreement, please refrain from using this website. The content given below is subject to change without notice.



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When using this website, you are prohibited from the following:

  • (1) Actions which may possibly infringe upon or damage the privacy or property of TAC or any other third party.
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  • (7) Deeds which we determine to be inappropriate.


When you link to this website, irrespective of reason, you are not required to contact us. We are not resposible for any damages caused any third parties that may utilize such links. However, we prohibit the following types of links as listed below:

  • (1) Links from the website which can infringe our trust and prestige and/or violate public order or standards of decency.
  • (2) Links from the website which include censure, blame, or criticism of our staff members.
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  • (4) Links which can generate misunderstanding about the provider, such as frame links.
  • (5) Links which we regard as inappropriate.

5.Laws by which to abide

This interpretation and application of this website and its site policies operates within Japanese law.