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Coaching is to draw out the best in you by helping you enhance your awareness through questioning. Fighting with such temptation as “giving advice” we try to concentrate on helping enhance stronger sense of ownership. The coaching approach being born in Europe where individual development is the cultural assumption, Takahashi, certified by Alexander in 1994, has been revising this treasure so Japanese, who are of groupism, are blessed with it since then.

Q.How is Coaching different from TRAINING?
Training is to change you to meet the given goal more effectively, whereas Coaching is for you to develop your ownership for the team performance.
Q.Coaching is like Counseling, isn’t it?
Yes in its outlook. However, a woman coach in her 20’s is coaching a CEO in his 60’s in Europe. The coach knows where the best solution lies. As the issue is how to help enhance awareness, what matters is not his life experience but the quality of questions.
Q.What can I expect to see happening?
You can expect to see yourself growing as a coach that believes in people’s potential and helps them grow their project-mind instead of unproductive frustration at them. You can also enjoy journeys taking place on both sides.
Q.Tell me the procedures for the next step.
For individuals: 2-hour interview to identify and share the issue⇒private sessions 4~5times in a row⇒Exchange feedback
For groups:⇒ 2-hour interview to identify and share the issue⇒One-day seminar⇒Reunion for mutual reporting.
Q.How much do you charge?
As each course is tailor-made, the fees can vary. Contact us.